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:: Fess Award By Aqila ::

Ehem2..testing 1 2 3
Fess & Foremost, want to say thx a lot to Aqila..
For visiting my blog..
It is unexpected that she made an award for her follower..
(i think i will make an award for my follower too..hik3)
My follower, just wait ok?
I'm quit busy rite now..ahaks:-)

But, to get & post this award, she required me to answer two QUESTIONS..
(i want more Q, please....)

Fess Question, why do i follow you?
>>because, i want to make scandal with you..haha
>>no la, i just want to be your friend..if i followed you,
i will keep track on your blog
>>don't miss it!
Second Q, what is the defections on the award?
>>your award is so cute..there is no defection at all

Can u accept my answer, my dear?
U accept or not..i still want to post the award..haha

(so cute, isn't?like the designer)

Thx again...
Keep in touch, Baby.
psst : to those who want this award, just be her follower
link here (aqila_yellowkuning)


lulussutopo said...

Wah bagus ya Awardnya...selamat..
salam kenal and kunjungi balik ke Blogku ya...

NuRdiYaNa ALaiSya said...

thx kamu ya..
slm knl juga..
iya..akn saya lawati blog kamu..